Smart Labs is the international cross-functional development team. Head Quarter based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We help your ideas and dreams come true. The next step is yours!


  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    We develop systems of artificial intelligence focused on recognition of visual images and dynamic scenes in a video stream. It includes face recognition solution, road infrastructure recognition solution, objects of road traffic recognition and traffic violations recognition

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

    Our main competition is the design and development of mobile applications including iOS and Android. We are experienced in work with multimedia content, geo-location features and social web-mobile services

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    Smart Labs have got rich experience in high loaded web services. Lots of users worldwide are watching videos using Smart Labs web solutions. Moreover our social UCG web-services are leading in number of segments

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    One of the strong advantages in web-development is the fresh design ideas from Smart Labs Design Department.We give lots of attention to usability of our projects too. Look for more details in the Portfolio section


  • Indoor Guide
  • IndoorNavi
  • CamOnRoad
  • Platido
  • Дата-центр Радуга-2
  • Джамбази
  • Delicates Club
  • Led Star
  • НароднаяЛампа.рф
  • ООО Альянс
  • Управление Министерства Внутренних Дел Российской Федерации  по Василеостровскому району г. Санкт-Петербурга
  • Face Your Cam
  • Asiatoday.club
  • Туризм Отдых Праздник


  • Sergei Germanovich

    Sergei Germanovich


  • Boris Rozhko

    Boris Rozhko

    Lead Developer

  • Alexander Filippov

    Alexander Filippov

    Head of Development

  • Nikita Koval

    Nikita Koval


  • Vitaly Usov

    Vitaly Usov

    iOS Developer

  • Alexander Malishkin

    Alexander Malishkin

    Android Developer

  • Vitaly Verkash

    Vitaly Verkash

    iOS Developer

  • Petr Simonov

    Petr Simonov

    Android Developer


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